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Research and Application of Production Enhancement Technology for Offshore Low Permeability Reservoirs

Offshore oil and gas fields are slow to develop offshore low permeability reservoirs due to the high pre-development costs and post maintenance costs due to the development environment and technical inputs. Due to the low yield of low permeability reservoirs, resulting in some oil and gas wells producing even less than the development cost yield, it is difficult to achieve commercial exploitation of low permeability oil and gas wells without effective reservoir modification to increase production. However, it is difficult to implement large fracturing modifications on land, as usual, to achieve increased production from oil and gas wells due to the small space for offshore operations, the high influence of sea conditions, and high environmental requirements. To realize the development of offshore low-permeability reservoirs, two low-permeability oil wells were selected as test wells to explore the development path of offshore low-permeability reservoirs. Firstly, by analyzing the volumetric fracturing process in onshore oil fields and the main difficulties of offshore construction, the packer + differential pressure slip segmental fracturing technology was optimized and selected as the fracturing solution for offshore low permeability wells. Secondly, according to the drilling situation and post-fracturing release spraying requirements, an integrated process of in-casing packer-stratified slip-on multi-stage injection fracturing and post-fracturing release spraying was formed. Finally, on-site implementation was carried out according to the operating platform situation of the well, offshore production safety and environmental protection, and sea conditions during operation. It successfully achieved the first large-scale segmental fracturing construction in Bohai Bay offshore, and the post-release spraying sought production with the obvious effect of increasing production. Although the process has shortcomings, it still provides new ideas and exploration for the development of offshore low-permeability reservoir.

Horizontal Well Fracturing, Production Enhancement Measures, Fracturing Technology, Low Permeability Reservoirs

APA Style

Du Weigang, Gu Bing, Ji Peng, Hao Dawei, Liu Yong. (2023). Research and Application of Production Enhancement Technology for Offshore Low Permeability Reservoirs. International Journal of Economy, Energy and Environment, 8(4), 99-103.

ACS Style

Du Weigang; Gu Bing; Ji Peng; Hao Dawei; Liu Yong. Research and Application of Production Enhancement Technology for Offshore Low Permeability Reservoirs. Int. J. Econ. Energy Environ. 2023, 8(4), 99-103. doi: 10.11648/j.ijeee.20230804.14

AMA Style

Du Weigang, Gu Bing, Ji Peng, Hao Dawei, Liu Yong. Research and Application of Production Enhancement Technology for Offshore Low Permeability Reservoirs. Int J Econ Energy Environ. 2023;8(4):99-103. doi: 10.11648/j.ijeee.20230804.14

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